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AP: Anheuser-Busch transfers ownership of its 2 Ky. distributorships to comply with new law


We’re starting to see some immediate effects of the law (applause!) passed by Kentucky earlier this year bolstering the three-tier system by banning brewers from owner distributorships. This is a win-win, and one that even the craft brewers were supporting (lookin’ at you, Texas), so it’s good to see the dominoes continuing to fall. From [...]

Whole Foods to start selling its beer in Texas


Starting in August, Whole Foods will begin selling its own craft beers in its 10 Houston-area stores, expanding to the rest of the state in mid-September, according to a press release by the company and a story on the chain’s website. From Whole Foods Magazine:  “The first beer product on sale on August 8 is [...]

WFAA-TV: Talent drought leads to craft brewing degrees


Sign me up!  “GRAPEVINE, TX. – A short walk down the beer aisle at a supermarket shows how popular craft brews have become. But the demand has grown faster than the skilled workforce. “We’re kind of in a talent drought, because the industry has grown so fast it has sucked up everyone who was available,” [...]

Raise a glass to the indie bars

One of the great conversations of life, happening the Red-Eyed-Fly on Red River. 2010. (By Charlie L. Harper III/Credentials Media)

Today, we offer a toast to the independent bars and pubs of Texas and our nation. From the sloppy, wet watering holes with low ceilings and high bartenders to the swanky little corners of downtown with expensive views, they are the beating heart of our social structure – and they deserve our praise during these, [...]

Kentucky craft brewers score lege victory with passage of bill protecting three-tier system


Kentucky is bracing for a big fight from Big Beer after lawmakers closed a loophole in the three-tier system that helps avoid monopolies. We advocated for this bill and cheered the craft brewers and media for supporting it – unlike in Texas, where some of the craft brewers think the three-tier system hurts them, the [...]

DMN: Bill would allow public companies like Wal-Mart to sell liquor in Texas

By Charlie L. Harper III

Bills moving through the Lege would allow grocery stores to sell wine and spirits, and Wal-Mart to open a package store next to its big box stores. Decent take-out here from the Dallas Morning News:  “Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, presented his bill to a business and commerce committee saying Texas’ current restrictions are [...]

Kentucky House passes distributor bill – Senate urged to do same

Credit: Charlie L. Harper III

Another editorial in the Lexington Herald Leader earlier in the week celebrates the overwhelming House passage of HB 168 and urges the state Senate to do the same. It also points out ABInBev’s staunch opposition to the bill, while noting the support of most craft brewers in the state.  This system benefits craft brewers and stymies [...]

ICYMI: Craft brewers give three cheers to distribution bill in Kentucky. Texas? Are you listening?


The Lexington Herald-Leader ran an editorial praising a bill that codifies a three-tier system for beer in Kentucky – prohibiting breweries from owning their own distributorships. The bill, House Bill 168, protects beer consumers and producers and keeps multinational beer companies like ABInBev from railroading the smaller crafts, the editorial says. “It should be passed,” the editorial [...]

A sad farewell to a great brewer, but the craft market remains strong


Applause for a fantastic effort from Fort Bend Brewing, which is, sadly, closing its doors after two years in the business – the result of what craft brewers are calling a natural, and expected, shakeout of a crowded and successful market. All of this according to a great blog post in Beer, Tx, one of [...]

Beer industry sees increase of high-end beers in 2014

(From National Beer Wholesalers Association website)

The consumption and sale of beer grew by .5 percent in 2014, with most of that growth coming from crafts and imports, according to year-end numbers released by the National Beer Wholesalers Association. “Since the end of the recession, the “high-end” – loosely defined as craft plus imports – has grown significantly while the balance [...]

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