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Shameful, wrong-headed attack is the mark of political amateurs

John Nau III (From UTSA Today website)

A pro-life group has launched a shameful, albeit quixotic, attack on Republican donor and successful beer distributor John Nau because (GASP!) his wife allegedly supported Planned Parenthood in the past. After 20 years in journalism and 17 covering Texas state politics, this kind of attack STILL sort of amazes me. Because what this anonymous diatribe [...]

Big Bend Brewing celebrates wild success


A young brewery out in West Texas is exploding onto the market after less than two years in existence, thanks for a thirst for craft beer in the region and a regulatory environment that clearly supports great brews. Not to mention, they make a great beer that works well in the desert climes – a [...]

Here’s why craft beers applaud the three-tier system

(By Erika Lambreton/TBIJ)

Because without it, Big Beer would take over. Many, many craft brewers know this. Unwilling to get caught up in the popular, though ineffectual and inaccurate, crafts-good-laws-bad drumbeat currently in vogue with a handful of brewers, guys like Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland understand that the laws protect them – and that loosening them would simply [...]

ICYMI: Twin Peaks: In-house brewery could be key to success

Credit: Charlie L. Harper III

We love to see restaurants taking advantages of the new freedom craft beers have thanks to the laws passed last session by the Texas Lege with the support of the craft brew industry, the wholesalers and the retailers. This report in the National Restaurant News discusses how this restaurant chain, which also owns the Ojos [...]

Study: The three-tier system helps good craft beer thrive


A fascinating and insightful analysis recently released by The Boston Consulting Group unequivocally states what many of us have argued for a long time: Good craft beer survives on its merits, and thrives in an open-distribution system such as the three-tier system that exists in Texas. It is a great explainer for those who can’t [...]

Chron: For brewer, emphasizing tradition, community pays


We’re kind of in the summer doldrums, not much going on with people on vacation and such, but one of my favorite beer writers, Ronnie Crocker, hit another homer with this great profile of St. Arnold’s and their pioneering spirit when it comes to making great beer and changing the way Americans drink it. From [...]

Congrats to East Texas cities for voting in beer and wine sales

Bumper sticker by Two Brothers brewing in Aurora, IL.

Some exciting politics happening in East Texas over the weekend, with four cities voting down antiquated dry laws and allowing beer and wine sales. Soon the folks in Van, Grand Saline, Gilmer and Quitman will be able to not only enjoy a tasty beverage without driving far and wide to get it, but they’ll also [...]

What’s the meaning of craft beer these days? Thanks in part to Big Beer, who knows?


I like the treatment of this issue by the brilliant people over at Texas Public Radio, who ask the question that will get any non-hipster kicked off Rainey Street in Austin in a matter of seconds: What exactly IS craft beer anymore? We know what craft beer used to be. We think we know it [...]

Jester King wins prestigious small-brew industry activism award


Congratulations to Texas’ own Jester King Brewery, which this week received the F. X. Matt Defense of the Small Brewing Industry award at the huge Brewers Association’s Craft Brewers Conference happening right now in Denver. Just about 9,000 people are attending this conference, and the award to Jester King is the burgeoning industry’s nod to [...]

Flip-flop by Texas craft brewers ignores one thing: They’re fighting the laws that help them

A modern brewery

Texas has one of the strongest craft brew environments in the country, made even stronger by a package of laws that crafts and distributors hammered out and agreed to during the last legislative session. Less than a year after those laws took effect, however, the legislative director of the state’s craft brewers group is backpedaling [...]

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